Meet The Board

Evan Shaheen

Evan Shaheen is the President of WiTCoN. In addition to WiTCoN, Evan also serves as a Member-At-Large on the Equality Kansas South Central Chapter Board, and is a former Wichita Pride Inc. President. Through his passion for activism, Evan hopes to bring awareness and visibility to trans and community issues. He hopes that through these avenues, WiTCoN will be able to become a visible group with the resources to be able to serve all the facets needed in the LGBTQ community.

Elle Boatman

Elle Boatman is the co-founder of WiTCoN and currently serves as a Member-At-Large. In addition to WiTCoN, Elle is the creative director of the Face of Trans, a creative project aimed at increasing visibility and understanding of transgender people. Through her own personal experiences, Elle has found her passion for equality and dedicates much of her time to intersectional advocacy, focusing largely on queer equality. Elle is also a mother of two and a veteran of the United States Air Force.

Brenda Way

Brenda Way, many call her Momma Brenda, is the founder of WiTCoN and currently sits on the board of directors as Vice president. She is not a native of Wichita but does call Wichita her home. Born in Minneapolis MN she is an Army veteran. Brenda started her transition at the young age of 49 in 2014. Losing her wife, home, family and most of her friends, she wanted to do something to help others who are transgender. “Starting WiTCoN was a way for me to focus on bringing trans people and allies together into a unified community” she states. Brenda is an active member of MCC Table of Hope church and has served on the board of Wichita Pride. If you ever run into Brenda around town, expect a big smile and an even bigger hug. She famous for both.